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Services and Products

How to Create a Request for Proposal
When government departments and private corporations are ready to make commitments for large expenditures, they create a document known as "Request for Proposal," to which vendors respond with Proposals. The decision of what is presented in an RFP is a complex issue with far reaching consequences for the buyer. These workshops analyze the strategies that are available to the buyer and the results that they may produce. They also provides guidelines on how to present various desirable or mandatory features which, if not managed wisely, often turn into insurmountable obstacles for buyers.

The courses available in this series of procurement courses include:

How to Create a Request for Proposal, a 2-day course. Available as a 3-day course when presented as an in-house course).

Tenders & RFPs: Lessons from Canadian Court Rulings, a 1 day course (available as a 2-day course when presented in-house).

How to Prepare a Statement of Work (SOW) or a Scope of Work for a bid document or a Request for Proposal, a 1-day course. This course is the 2nd day of the course listed above, "How to Create a Request for Proposal."

Working with Vendors for the Successful Outcome of a Project, a 1-day course

Preparing Procurement Documents for IT Projects/Products, a 1-day course

Proposal Writing Workshop
Customized or off-the-shelf training to analyze a Request for Proposal; match the requirements with your products or services; organize the proposal logically and outline the complete range of benefits offered by your proposal; and provide conclusive reasons why your solution is the best alternative available to your customer.

Software Sales and Support for Direct Mail Marketers
Companies of all sizes can utilize PC-based software to perform all the functions required for a direct mail campaign. BOMAR is an authorized dealer of SmartMS, from Group1 Software, which provides address correction and validation as well as mail presortation for Canadian Marketers, guaranteeing the lowest postal rates for its customers.

Direct Mail Marketing Workshop
Learn how to create a strategy for a successful direct mail campaign; understand how to appeal to your customers for best results; analyze your options and plan the offer package for maximum response; learn the latest database marketing techniques to target your best prospects, and analyze the results for future use.

Creation and Maintenance of Customized Mailing Lists
Satisfied past customers form a source of wealth often missed by many organizations. BOMAR Marketing Services collects, edits, codes, and maintaining up-to-date customer mailing lists. Using PC software, mailing lists are made to conform to Canada Post accuracy standards, and presortation options are utilized to take full advantage of lower postal rates.

Designing, Planning and Conducting a Direct Mail Campaign
A business is analyzed in detail to understand the common characteristics of the customers, and why they buy a product. Then, a strategy is built for a successful direct mail campaign, including a package that has appeal and a target market that has been properly identified. The marketing plan is executed with precision, and a complete analysis is preformed at the conclusion to compare the results with the initial plans.

FAX Marketing
In just a few years, the Fax has become one of the most potent marketing tools of all times. When every business depends on the Fax for its internal use, few in fact use it effectively for the marketing of their goods and services. BOMAR Marketing Services offers training on how to use the Fax as a marketing tool, as well as coaches its customers on how to build a marketing strategy that incorporates the Fax.

Contracts Between Government and Industry
In addition to traditional contracting of goods and services, federal and other governments are turning to private business to take over a bigger role. This shift in attitude demands better appreciation of contracting with governments, as well as better contractual performances. BOMAR Marketing Services consults to both government and industry, and conducts training sessions designed to diminish conflict and facilitate good contracting practice on both sides.

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