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SEMINAR: Tenders & RFPs: Lessons from Canadian Court Rulings
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Canadian Jurisprudence and the Procurement Process

  • The Supreme Court of Canada
  • Federal and Provincial Courts
  • Federal and Provincial Courts of Appeal
  • Canadian International Trade Tribunal
  • How the Process Services the Procurement Profession

Establishing a Canadian Legal Direction

  • Defining Tenders
  • The Concepts of Contract A and Contract B
  • Obligations and Responsibilities of Buyers and Bidders
  • Privilege Clauses and Tenders
  • Distinguishing Characteristics of Requests for Proposals
  • RFPs with Negotiations, RFPs without Negotiations

The Buyer's Right to Set Rules for Tenders and RFPs

  • The Obligation to Honour the Rules Strictly
  • The Value of the Low Cost in the Tendering Process
  • The Requirement to Select the Low Bidder and Privilege Clauses

Fundamental Fairness in Buyer-Bidder Relationship

  • Fair to Buyer, Fair to Bidder
  • The Privilege to Waive Minor Informalities
  • Errors in Tenders, Errors in Proposals

The Evaluation and Selection Process

  • The Selection Process is the Buyer?s Choice
  • When Strict Compliance is Required
  • Evaluation Process for Compliant Bidders
  • Selection Criteria and Level of Detail
  • Observing the Buyer?s Selection Rules Fairly
  • The Unacceptability of New or Hidden Criteria at Evaluation Time
  • Equivalent Solutions
  • Conflict of Interest
  • References

Post-Selection Concerns

  • Briefing of Unsuccessful Bidders
  • Confidentiality of Information
  • Reconciling Freedom of Information & Confidentiality of Information
  • Consequences of Breach of Confidentiality
  • Separating Bidder Promises (Contract A) from Bidder Performance (Contract B)

Risks in the Statement of Work

  • Who is Responsible at What Stage
  • Buyer Specifications
  • Brand Names
  • Latent Faults
  • Product Testing

Risks with Bidder Qualifications

  • Person, Corporation, Team
  • Parent Company, Subsidiary, Joint Venture
  • Certification
  • Past Performance
  • References

Risks with Methodology

  • Bidder's Privilege, unless Specified Otherwise

Special Topics of General Interest

  • The Internet
  • Brand Name Protection
  • IPO Offering
  • Jurisdiction over Off-Shore Operations
  • Copyrighting
  • Generic Drugs
  • Oral Agreements

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