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SEMINAR: Preparing Procurement Documents for IT Projects/Products (e.g. Software, Applications, Telecommunications, etc)

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Outline for a 1-day Course

Selecting a Service Vendor is Always Problematic
  • Service levels vary widely
  • Vendors can use unexpected processes and confuse vendors
  • Costs can also vary widely

Information Gathering

  • Why there is the requirement for the service
  • What this service replaces
  • Time available for decision-making
  • The value of this service in the organization

Develop Own Expertise or Buy Service

  • It is the buyer's choice
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each

Vendor-Related Issues

  • Confidence in vendor
  • Job creation considerations
  • Vendor's reliability in project management

Technical Issues

  • Performance and stability
  • Integration in the work environment
  • Safety and security considerations
  • Acceptable or unacceptable processes
  • Proper documentation of work completed

Implementation Methodology

  • Vendor's understanding of requirements
  • A comprehensive project plan
  • Checkpoints to verify progress
  • Managing risk levels

Support Issues

  • Types of support systems
  • Third-party options
  • Training opportunities

Cost Considerations

  • Importance of cost estimation
  • How cost affects the selection process
  • Balancing Quality versus Savings
  • Using the "Percentage" approach
  • Using the "Formula" approach

Creating a Selection Grid for Project

  • Selecting the categories that matter
  • Populating the categories with benefits
  • How the issue of cost is treated
  • The value of features and benefits
  • Scoring vendor offers
  • Guidelines for prioritizing the categories



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