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SEMINAR:  Working with Vendors for the Successful Outcome of a Project
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Course Outline for a 1-Day Course

The Evolving Buyer-Vendor Relationship

  • Buyers and vendors need each other
  • Buyer-vendor relationship during the creation of the RFP
  • Buyer-vendor relationship while proposals are being created
  • Buyer-vendor relationship while proposals are being evaluated
  • Buyer-vendor relationship upon selection of the winning proposal
  • Buyer-vendor relationship during contract negotiation
  • Buyer-vendor relationship while the job is being performed

Project Management to the Rescue 

  • Why so few buyers implement a project management system
  • The importance of implementing a project management system
  • Remember what makes software work: People
  • When to form the project team
  • Project team capabilities
  • Project team size
  • The project team as the conflict resolution team

Making the Project Team Work

  • The evolving project team
  • Scheduling of team meetings
  • Setting the rules of operation for a project team

The Original Project Plan: The Most Important Document

  • Popular project management tools: CPM, PERT
  • An example
  • The Critical Path
  • Slack Time
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Sensitivity analysis

Pricing in Requests for Proposals and Proposals

  • Requesting a price in the RFP
  • Requesting cost per task

Change Orders

  • Change is unavoidable
  • Identifying the source of every change
  • Documenting change orders
  • Thorough analysis of the effects of change
  • Using all known facts to cost a change
  • Payment schedules

Remedy Clauses

  • The need for remedy clauses
  • The threat of "Cancellation of Contract"
  • Vendor's view of contract cancellation
  • Performance bonds
  • Incentives and penalties for vendors

After a Project is Completed

  • All projects must have an end point
  • Creating a job summary document for a project

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