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SEMINAR: Proposal Writing and Preparation Workshop
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Course Outline for a 1-Day Course

How Proposals Are Used

  • Types and purpose of proposals
  • Reasons why a Request for Proposal (RFP) is created
  • What goes into an RFP
  • Understanding the strategy of the RFP
  • Understanding the requirements of the RFP
  • How proposals are evaluated and a winner is selected
  • The RFP and the evaluation process
  • How to detect wired RFP's
  • Getting and using all the information

The Decision to Submit a Bid

  • Can we provide the service or product?
  • Can we provide it at a reasonable cost?
  • Do we stand a reasonable chance of winning
  • Can we afford the cost of proposal preparation ?
  • Other considerations for submitting a bid
  • The basic strategy of the response

Getting Organized to Submit a Proposal

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  • Putting a proposal team together
  • Functions and expertise of proposal team members
  • Analyzing an RFP
  • Special considerations for small proposal teams

A Step-by-Step System of Responding to an RFP

  • The first proposal team meeting
  • Detailed writing of sections by team members
  • Basic rules for writing proposals
  • The second and subsequent strategy team meetings
  • How to "sell" your solution as the only option
  • Neutralizing the competition before they have a chance
  • Emphasizing why your solution is the best

Pricing and Related Issues

  • Lowest cost proposals
  • Pricing is part of the evaluation criteria
  • Nobody will admit it but pricing is all that matters
  • Meeting your profit objectives

Completing the Proposal

  • Rewriting the proposal
  • The Table of Contents
  • Revising the language of the proposal
  • Reviewing the compulsory requirements
  • Reviewing the list of desirable features
  • Managing the shortcomings of your product
  • Avoiding the most common pitfalls

The Magic of Unsolicited Proposals

  • How an unsolicited proposal is starred
  • Recognizing analyzing and neutralizing the competition
  • Highlighting file benefits of unsolicited proposals
  • What should be in an unsolicited proposal

The Executive Summary

  • How an Executive Summary is used and abused
  • How much to reveal in an Executive Summary

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