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Biographical Sketch: Nurel Beylerian

Nurel Beylerian is a principal consultant with BOMAR Marketing Seminars. He has been a direct marketer for over 25 years, specializing in business-to-business marketing, with experience in every region of Canada. He has been fully responsible for the inception, design, creation, implementation, and analysis of many successful marketing campaigns.

Originally trained as an engineer, he has applied engineering problem-solving techniques to the art of direct marketing. With the advent of the Personal Computer, he has pioneered in the application of many new concepts, many of which have contributed to the evolution of contemporary database marketing techniques.

Formerly a manager at Control Data, Dr. Beylerian has been involved in the marketing and support of computer technology and automated solutions. He has prepared or taken part in hundreds of successful proposals for products and services.

In 1971, using direct mail as the principal marketing vehicle, Dr. Beylerian introduced the Institute for Advanced Technology as a Canadian division of Control Data, offering public seminars on a wide range of topics in information technology.

Earlier in his career, he was an Assistant Professor of Engineering and an Education Manager creating, designing and developing many courses on new products for use in domestic and international markets.

Always an innovator, recently Dr. Beylerian has created new marketing course for the North American markets, including How to Create a Request for Proposal (RFP) that Accomplishes its Objectives and Much More, FAX Marketing Strategies. Other courses which have been recently updated include Proposal Writing and Preparation Workshop and Direct Mail Marketing Strategies.

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