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    Biographical Sketch: Maurice Shuck

    Maurice Shuck is a principal consultant with BOMAR Marketing Seminars, specializing in subjects relating to Contracts and Procurement Management. He has over twenty years of contracting experience with various levels of Governments, as well as contracting for complex projects.

    Currently, he is a member of a major information system consulting group in Ottawa, specializing in government contracts. Until recently, Mr. Shuck was a consultant for another organization specializing in the outsourcing of information technology services, interacting with Federal and Provincial Governments on a daily basis.

    Earlier in his career, Mr. Shuck worked for CAL Corporation, dealing extensively with the US Government in matters relating to telecommunications and the space industry. At Canadian Marconi, his work involved navigation and weapons systems for the US and Canadian governments, in addition to the latest technologies in telecommunications. At the Urban Transit Development Corp, he developed some of his important concepts regarding contracting within the construction industry. More specifically, he worked with the contracting of mass transit systems, which often involved civic governments.

    Mr. Shuck was a member of the (Federal Government) Information Technology Procurement Review Working Group in Ottawa. He is a past President of the Professional Contract Management Association, and a founding member of the National Contract Management Association, Maple Leaf Chapter.

    Based on his many years of hands-on experience, Mr. Shuck has developed and teaches several timely seminars, including: Problem-Free Contracts Between Government and Business/Industry, How to Write, Analyze, and Interpret the Statement of Work (SOW), Contracting for High-Tech Hardware, Software, and Services, and Intellectual Property

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