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In-House Training Services

All seminars mentioned in this document are available on an in-house basis to customers who have a large number of individuals who need training. An organization that has 8 or more individuals to train in the same course should check with Bomar if it is practical to bring the course in-house.

In addition to the courses mentioned in this document, the following titles are also available for in-house training:

  • Sales Skills (2 days)
  • Effective Presentations (2 days)
  • Technical Writing Skills (2 days)
  • Business Writing Skills (2 days)
  • Writing Proposals for International Audiences: Strategy and Adaptation (1 day)
  • Writing Progress Reports (1 day)
  • Proposals & RFP's: Dealing with Legal, Contractual and Regulatory Requirements (1 day)
  • Contracting for High-Tech: Hardware, Software, Services (2 days)
  • Intellectual Property (1 day)
  • Understanding and Writing Contracts (1 day)
  • Managing the Implementation of Contracts (1 day)
  • Building a Business Case (1 day)

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