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SEMINAR: FAX Marketing Strategies for Results
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Can Your Business Use FAX Marketing As Part Of Its Marketing Strategy?

Do your customers use the FAX?
If you answered with a clear "Yes," then the FAX can and should have a place in your overall marketing strategy. However, until the FAX becomes a common device in the home, it will be a tool only for business marketers. And what a tool it is!

So, You Are Already Using The FAX . . .

The FAX is one of the easiest tools to use, and everyone does use it for all kinds of communications with customers, suppliers, and employees. And there lies the problem. We are being misled to believe that the FAX is being "used" for marketing, while in fact, it is being "wasted" as a replacement for the telephone, so we don't have to talk to that other party (a customer, maybe). Instead of helping, it is being used to weaken that important personal link with the customer.

The Potential Of The FAX As A Marketing Tool

A marketing strategy that incorporates the FAX will use its many unique features:

  • To reach as many customers as necessary
  • To reach customers at a precise time
  • To address customers according to their needs
  • To serve as a reminder
  • To provide an opportunity to receive more information
  • To evaluate results quickly, and take corrective action.

Topics Covered in This Workshop

  • The technology behind the FAX
  • Sources of resistance to FAX marketing
  • Evaluating the suitability of a product for FAX marketing
  • Designing a FAX document, the offer, the action
  • Deciding the strategy for each group of customers
  • Distributing the FAX document, FAX mailing lists
  • Requirements for setting up a FAX marketing operation
  • Planning and executing a FAX campaign
  • Response characteristics of a FAX marketing campaign

After This Workshop, Your Attitude About The FAX Will Change Completely

Upon completion of this workshop,

  1. You will no longer feel intimidated by its power.
  2. You will be able to judge what products can be marketed to what market segments.
  3. You will learn the basic "do"s and "don't"s of FAX marketing.
  4. You will get guidance on how to get started and maintain an ongoing marketing program.
  5. You will learn how to evaluate results, make changes, or fine tune your FAX strategy.

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