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How to Create a "Scope of Work" for a Tender or RFP

This course is the 2nd day of the seminar: "How to Create a Request for Proposal"

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Who Needs to Be Concerned with a Scope of Work, or Statement of Work (SOW)

Engineers, scientists, systems professionals, project management personnel, RFP writers, Proposal writers, contract negotiators, and business professionals in all walks of life often find themselves in the position of having to describe the job they want to perform or want someone else to perform for them.

Sometimes, a person experienced in creating an RFP or Proposal does not have the technical expertise to create the Statement of Work, and requests the services of a technical professional. Technical competence in their own profession, unfortunately, does not guarantee that these individuals would know how to create the SOW, which is often the backbone of an RFP or Proposal.

Why is the Statement of Work so Critical?

Much preparatory work must be done before the first RFP documents are created. Various buyer personnel will have struggled with the SOW to identify their technical needs and ensure that they will get compliance and value. In fact, the original SOW is written before the parties become familiar with the work or even with one another.

On the other side, vendors' respondents have to labour at interpreting, responding and amending the SOW into the proposal SOW. An error here could cost many thousands of dollars, since the SOW will eventually become a contractual commitment.

The SOW is not only a project-unique document, it is also used by the purchaser to select the successful vendor.

Topics Covered In The Workshop

  • Why SOW's are created
  • What to include in the SOW
  • Recognizing true risks
  • The Scope of Work or Terms of Reference
  • Work Schedules, Methodology, Standards of quality
  • Terms for Acceptance, Project control
  • Using Risk to evaluate proposals
  • Structuring a readable documents

How this Course will Help You

Upon completion of this workshop,

  1. You will be able to identify job-specific issues, and the levels at which they need to be discussed.
  2. You will develop a keen sense of appreciation for risk management techniques to assist you attain your objectives.
  3. You will build conficence in evaluating vendors' proposals.
  4. You will acquire document preparation skills to help you for years to come.

BOMAR's Unique Cancellation Policy

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