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SEMINAR: How to Create an RFP (Part 3): Working with the Vendor for the Satisfactory Outcome of the Project
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Who Should Attend This Workshop

This seminar is available as a 1-day course only to individuals who have already attended How to Create a Request for Proposal that Accomplishes your Objectives and Much More, the 2-day course, which was the only version available in 2002 and earlier. Starting in 2003, it is the 3rd day of the 3-day course, "How to Create a Request for Proposal."

What's Special About This Course?

The 3rd day of this popular course is devoted to the relationship of the buyer and vendor after the vendor is selected, until the job is completed to the satisfaction of the buyer. It covers topics in project management, change management, incentives and penalties, and documentation that can serve as the basis for past performance evaluation of vendors.

Topics Covered in this Workshop

  • Buyer-vendor relationship during various phases of a project
  • Project management to the rescue
  • Making the project team work
  • The original project plan: The most important document
  • Pricing in RFP's and Proposals
  • Change orders
  • Remedy clauses
  • After a project is completed

What This Course Will Do For You

Upon completion of this workshop,

  1. You will understand the purpose and requirement for good project management habits.
  2. You will know how to incorporate required changes into your project without inadvertently voiding important clauses in your contract. 
  3. You will know how to use penalty and incentive clauses to ensure your job comes out right at the end. 
  4. You will appreciate the need for good documentation to protect your present and future interests.

BOMAR's Unique Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are accepted anytime before the course without penalty. No one will ever be penalized for thinking of becoming a BOMAR customer.

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