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SEMINAR: How To Create A Request For Proposal (RFP)
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Why Are RFP's Created?

When government departments and private corporations are ready to make commitments for large expenditures, they create a document known as "Request For Proposal" to which vendors respond with Proposals. The ongoing downsizing of many organizations makes the RFP preparation and the bidding process more critical than ever before. Smart buyers want to handle this process in such a way that vendors compete not only on the strengths of their products, but also how creative their solutions can be to guarantee maximum benefit.

Why Is Training Needed To Prepare A Request For Proposal?

Most organizations assign the task of preparing the RFP to individuals who are familiar with the old product or process so that they can properly describe the requirements. However, the decision of what is presented in an RFP is a complex issue with far reaching consequences for the buyer. An ambiguous RFP will usually result in a replacement product or system that actually hampers the progress of the organization, or delays the upgrading of its service levels.

An organization that is willing to spend resources to replace an existing product or system, is advised to ensure that those preparing the RFP document do so with full appreciation of all the issues involved.

Topics Covered in this Workshop

  • Why RFP's are created
  • Terms of submission
  • Adopting a strategy for the RFP
  • The proposal evaluation team
  • Setting the selection rules
  • Addressing all the issues
  • Compulsory and desirable requirements
  • How much creativity to allow the vendors
  • Financial considerations
  • Vendor communications
  • Avoiding favouritism
  • The Executive Summary

What This Course Will Do For You

Upon completion of this workshop,

  1. You will be able to analyze the RFP strategies available to you and what results they may produce.
  2. You will know if and when to solicit creative solutions from your vendors.
  3. You will have an appreciation of the financial considerations that often become crucial in the final selection of a proposal.
  4. You will understand how vendors view your RFP, and how to help them give you their best solutions.

BOMAR's Unique Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are accepted anytime before the course. No one will ever be penalized for thinking of becoming a BOMAR customer.

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