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SEMINAR: Proposal Writing and Preparation Workshop
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Why You Have To Be Concerned About Proposals

Many of your customers spend valuable human and financial resources to ensure that their requirements for services and goods are provided by reputable companies, in the best possible manner, and at a reasonable cost. The documents they prepare are known as Request for Proposal (RFP). Most government departments are compelled to use this vehicle for medium and large purchases, to assure the public that their tax money is being spent wisely. Private organizations may choose to create a competitive marketplace for their suppliers.

Who Prepares The Proposal?

To prepare a winning Proposal, most organizations depend on their marketing representatives and the support staff with the right subject-matter expertise. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that these individuals receive proper training on how to respond to an RFP, in a way that provides a reasonable chance of winning a bid.

Topics Covered in the Intensive Workshop

  • The Anatomy of a Proposal
  • The Decision to Bid or Not to Bid
  • Getting Organized to Bid
  • A System of Analysis and Response
  • Positioning Your Products for Maximum Benefit
  • Neutralizing Your Competitors Before They Have a Chance
  • The Magic of Unsolicited Proposals
  • Organizing The Proposal To Win
  • Avoiding The Common Pitfalls
  • The Executive Summary and How to Survive it

What Past Participants Have Said About This Workshop

"Excellent presentation. Provided solutions to issues that concerned me..."
"Very knowledgeable and engaging... I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop"
"An enjoyable and valuable day."

How This Course Will Change You (For Good)

After attending this workshop, You will no longer be afraid of responding to a Request for Proposal. On the contrary, you'll look forward to the challenge! You will learn an easy System of analyzing an RFP and responding to it step-by-step. You will learn how to position Your company's product or service so that it becomes your customer's preferred solution over your competitors.

BOMAR's Unique Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are accepted anytime before the course. There are no penalties.

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